International Conference of NPO 2019

ginger T project

ginger T project is a research organization that

reads social changes and tests and spreads

new organizational culture. Founded in 2014,

ginger T project plans researches and

experiments to read social changes and trends,

builds knowledge that promotes healthy

changes of the organization and individuals,

and designs a network to connect leaders

in change. ginger T project mainly conducted

research on the millenials’ activities for public

interest and gender-equal organizational

culture, and published a book

on adaptive leadership.

Creating an Indicator that Develops Us:

Self-made Organization Indicator

and Remembrance

Time 14:00 ~ 16:30  l  Venue Seminar Room 3

 Program Details


- Talk about why we have to create indicators  

   that evaluate our organization on our own

   and  what we need to do so

- Create indicators suitable for evaluating

  ginger T project based on the evaluation

  indicators and forms (of ginger T project)

- Design the internal workshop where  

  participants can have

  discussions on indicators

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