International Conference of NPO 2019

Data Activism School

“We wish that NPO activists could be a

data storyteller”

Three of us are consisted of data activists

and gathered to spread the meaningful data

of civil organizations to the public. One of us

has been worked as a data journalist for a

long time and interested in making socially

meaningful data to be useful.

Another one is interested in the government

and civil society working together to create

policies for open government and also plans

a variety of programs to help citizens improve

their digital literacy by enhancing their data

utilization capabilities. Lastly, the other one is

campaigning for the right to know through

the open disclosure system. He or she likes to

find out where public institutions

are releasing useful information.


Being a data storyteller

Time 14:00 ~ 16:30  l  Venue Seminar Room 4

 Program Details

 여는 강의(30분)
   데이터스토리텔러가 되자!
   (박지환, 데이터액티비즘스쿨)

 워크숍 (1시간 30분) : 모둠 토의
  - 빅데이터-스몰데이터 모둠
  - 데이터불편러 모둠

  개인 노트북이나 태블릿 지참 권장 하나
  스마트폰으로도 참석 가능합니다.

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