International Conference of NPO 2019

Vice Versa Design Studio

Founded in 2010, Vice Versa Design Studio is

the first design studio specialized in infographics

in Korea. The studio provides problem analysis

and solutions based on a number of visualization methods that decipher complex data more easily

and quickly, and communicates with the world via

various media such as video, interactive, printed materials, etc. It carried out a number of

infographics projects with nonprofit organizations

such as Daum Foundation and Good Neighbors,

government agencies and companies, and jointly

held inforgraphics workshop with Amore Pacific,

CJ O Shopping, Nonghyup, Ulsan and Busan in

order to help non-design majors to easily

visualize information.

Data Review: An Easier Way to

Visualize Various Data – ‘Infographic’

Time 14:00 ~ 16:30  l  Venue Seminar Room 2

▪ Program Details

▪ Lecture
  Definition of infographics and methods of   creation by examples

▪ Workshop
  Analysis of indicators / planning (building   information with LEGO) / design (creating card   news with infographic design tool)
  / presentation

▪ 참가자 준비물
  활동지표 자료, 개인 노트북, 인포그래픽 제작툴
  그래플릿 회원가입

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