International Conference of NPO 2019


Pullbaram is a private nonprofit organization

founded in 2011 in order to help women take

charge of their own lives and the society and

encourage women’s grassroots movement.

The organization assists female activists who

make small and big changes from daily lives by

providing them with consulting on women’s

grassroots movement, training and regular

forums, activist contest, case study and

research and activist network. Since 2016,

it has run the gender governance project

of Seoul Metropolitan Government. Based on

the activist trainings and women’s grassroots

network, Pullbaram is making its utmost effort to

build gender-equal Seoul by proposing gender-

sensitive policies to Seoul and local governments.

Question for Change:

Gender Sensitization

Time 14:00 ~ 16:30  l  Venue Conference Hall B

 Program Details

 Lecture and workshop
  Revisiting the position and boundary
  Checking gender sensitivity through questions  
  and conversations
  Leaping towards transformation

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